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Address: 5121 NC Hwy 88W Warrensville, NC 28693
Phone: (336) 384-3900




Warrensville was added to the Boone Drug family on July 1st 2012. Located in scenic Warrensville, NC at 5121 NC Hwy 88 W. Warrensville Drug is a full service pharmacy with the latest in over the counter medications, DME supplies, nebulizers, gifts for all occasions, and fast service along with great personal service.

Come by and check out Warrensville Drug. We have front door parking, easy access, and names and faces that you have grown to know.

Address:  5121 NC HWY 88W Warrensville, NC 28693
Phone: 336-384-3900
Fax: 336-384-4041
Store hours: Monday- Friday: 9-6 &  Saturday's 9-12. Closed Sunday

Warrensville staff

Warrensville store

Joyce Grubb

Lamar Cresasman

Joyce Grubb: Pharmacist Manager Lamar Cresasman: Pharmacist