The Mast General Store

Established in 1883, the MAST General Store carried everything the community needed “from cradles to caskets” in the old days. Today, the main store carries an eclectic array of items for the mountain home and has one of the best shoe stores in the High Country. The ANNEX has wonderful selection of casual clothing and The Candy Barrel, an adventure for the eyes with hundreds of colorful candies sold by the pound.


Grandfather Mountain

The highest peak in the Blue Ridge, visitors drive to the crest, and along the way enjoy spectacular scenery, endless vistas and intriguing rock formations. Upon reaching one mile in elevation, guests can take an adventurous walk across the Mile High Swinging Bridge.


Blue Ridge Parkway Open year round

Blue Ridge Parkway Open year round, weather permitting in winter. The Blue Ridge Parkway is a 470-mile National Park linking Shenandoah National Park to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Grandfather Mountain is located at milepost 305.


Horn In the West A dramatic play

Horn In the West A dramatic play set in 1771 – a time of British dominance and Colonial unrest. Relive the building of a mountain culture as early settlers, led by Daniel Boone, struggle for independence from the Crown. A Cherokee Fire Dance is a favorite feature of the show. Unforgettable lesson in history and the performing arts.


Appalachian State University

Founded in 1899 as Watauga Academy, Appalachian State University is a comprehensive university, offering a broad range of undergraduate programs and select graduate programs. The university is committed to fostering an understanding of Appalachian regional culture and the protection of the natural environment.


Area Ski Resorts


The Boone Area Chamber of Commerce


The High Country Host

The High Country Host Information about the area’s attractions, restaurants, shopping, real estate, and more.


FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research


Good Neighbor Pharmacy


Roche Diagnostics