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Below is a partial list of the organizations and charities we support:

Hospitality House Building Campaign -


Relay for Life

Various parks & recreation youth sport teams

Watauga High School Athletics

Elementary classroom Sponsorships

Western Youth Network -

The Children’s Playhouse -

The March of Dimes

Operation Medicine Cabinet

Watauga County Toys for Tots

Below is a letter and pictures from a Mission Organization in Nicaragua

Dear Boone Drug,On behalf of New Song Mission Nicaragua, I am sending you and overdue thank you for thinking of us and our mission when you donated the computers and equipment. I wrote many letters to different people hoping to receive blessings for starting a computer lab here, through my efforts came back pretty empty handed. I thank God for having our paths cross that day, and for you being so willing to bless us abundantly. He is so faithful, and chooses help to come from so many different people partnering to make a difference.

I was successful in formatting and loading Windows XP Professional Spanish Edition to all of these machines and connect them to a LAN with 1MB internet. It is by no means fast, but for browsing and email it is great. Most people here are using computers for the first time in their lives.

We currently have 7 desktops and 3 laptops setup in our lab, with 2 more desktops in the mission office, thanks in great part to your contributions. Our pastors will be able to use these machines once a week to further their knowledge of God’s word and make contact with other pastors. We began teaching them this week, on the basics of using a computer and the internet, and look forward to watching their interest grow, as they find more and more information.

The youth aged students are the most excited about this new lab. They are able to do research for school and type papers here. They have made friends with many who have come to Candelaria on short term trips, that they enjoy emailing or keeping in touch via Facebook. I want to teach them how to use Office better, and possible teach a few about computer maintenance and repair.

I am not sure when my next trip to the states is, but I hope to see you and thank you in person. Your contribution is making a difference and on behalf of all of us at New Sing Mission Nicaragua, I say a very big thank you.

In His Name,
Jim Bob Norman

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