Clinical Services Program

Boone Drugs, Inc. in highly invested in the well-being of our community. In 2016, we joined the Community Care of North Carolina Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network (CPESN). This network serves to involve community pharmacies which are providing enhanced services in population health management and, thus, better serve the patrons of the local community.

Enhanced Pharmacy Services offered through Boone Drugs, Inc. include:

  • Synchronizing a patient’s medications to fill around the same time each month
  • Performing comprehensive medication reviews
  • Creation of patient care plan to follow-up with identified drug therapy problems
  • Compounding medications for patients
  • Providing durable medical equipment
  • Immunizations

Boone Drug is dedicated to improving the lives of our patients. One way we do this is by offering a coordinated refill program (medication synchronization) as well as other services to our patients.

 The coordinated refill program of EnhancedMed is designed to refill all of the patient's medications on the same day each month and make that date the patient's appointment at the pharmacy. Approximately one week before the refill date, one of our pharmacists or staff will contact each patient and conduct a medication review prior to dispensing the refills. The program helps patients be more adherent to their medications by ensuring they not only refill their prescriptions on time but also understand administration of medications and identification of any adherence issues. Using our Boone Drug charge accounts will also keep payments convenient to their schedule and our contacting the patient makes it easy for them to have one telephone call for refills and make one trip to the pharmacy each month instead of several. 

 EnhancedMed is a personalized service that patients receive from their choice of Boone Drug Pharmacies. With this service of coordinated refill or medication synchronization, patients receive one call or have one pharmacy visit to review their medications, discuss physician visits or recent hospitalizations and answer any questions they may have about their therapy. It is our goal to help patients take the proper medications, as directed, and understand the goals and outcomes of their prescription regimen. 

 We can even MedSync multiple patients together so that a caretaker or family member can make one trip to the pharmacy together.

For more information, please contact your local pharmacist.

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