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Natural or “bio-identical” hormones are synthesized from natural plant substances to be identical in structure and function to those our bodies produced naturally without interference from illness, surgery, medications, natural aging process, or inherited tendencies.

Bio-identical indicates the chemical structure of the replacement hormone is exactly the same as the one naturally produced in the human body.

The structure differences found between hormones that are NATURAL to the human body and those that are SYNTHETIC could be responsible for the amount of side effects noted when synthetics are used as opposed to when bio-identical is used.

Manufacturers cannot patent what is naturally occurring in nature. There is more profit to be made by drug companies with patents.

“There is an epidemic of infertility among women in their thirties that we believe is largely caused by the high levels of hormones in the environment, which affect the reproductive tracts of both women and men from conception on.” Dr. John R. Lee, MD

Supplemental estrogen given to a woman who doesn’t need it, OR who has no progesterone to balance it, can lead to more water retention, breast swelling, fibrocysts in the breasts, headaches, depression, fat storage, gallbladder problems, and hormone related cancers. For a woman who still has the uterus, heavier periods can result and often does.

All of the sex hormones especially progesterone, estrogens, and androgens have a potent effect upon state of mind, mood, and memory. When they are out of balance is not uncommon for the effects to range from annoying to devastating.

Irregular or erratic menstrual cycles are a sign of irregular or erratic ovulation that lead to highs and lows in progesterone and estrogen.

Progesterone is usually the best hormone to start with to improve libido since progesterone is the dominant hormone at ovulation, when a woman is most fertile.

Testosterone and DHEA significantly impact sex drive. Levels gradually decline in the years leading to menopause and can drop dramatically with hysterectomy, chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation.

Working with your healthcare provider, we can re-establish a hormonal balance thus alleviating the symptoms caused by the decrease in production of hormones by the body.


Education is your best first option. The more you learn on the topic of bio-identical hormones the more educated decisions you can make for yourself and your future.

  1.  Research on-line -->; We also have books available .
  2.  Talk with your healthcare provider to see if BHRT is an option for you.
  3.  Please review the Boone Drug HRT brochure to better understand our services. --> Click here to view HRT Brochure


As with anything concerning your health, there is always more to learn. The links on this page are to help you be better informed. Please ask us any questions you may have and we will help guide you toward answers.

When you believe you are ready to take the next step…

FIRST: Saliva Test
Call Greenway Pharmacy to provide your personal information so we can prepare your saliva test.
You may pick up the test during our business hours and we will explain the testing procedure. 

Please fill out the Patient History Form and bring into the pharmacy before your consultation. 

SECOND: Consultation 
After your test has been mailed off, the results will be ready within 7-10 days. Our pharmacy will contact you and schedule an appointment or a BHRT consultation.  The consultation takes place at our Greenway location and typically last 1 hour.  We will then fax our recommendations to your doctor and contact you when your prescriptions will be ready for pickup.

Insurance typically does not cover most of these services, including the prescriptions. However, MOST flex cards can be used for payment. 

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